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Informed Consent

* I understand that by signing below and checking any of the following items that I request and authorize the procedure to be done and have read and understand the possible risks and complications of the procedure(s).

1. X-Rays & Examination
I understand that I will be receiving a dental examination from a state licensed dental practitioner. I understand that while X-rays are taken on my teeth that I will be exposed to a minimal amount of radiation as part of the necessary requirements to complete a thorough and comprehensive examination. I also understand that if I am pregnant radiation exposure posses a serious threat to the life and health of my unborn child. Pregnant women are required to have a medical release from their Medical Doctor prior to X-rays and Dental treatment.
2. Changes in Treatment Plan
I understand that during treatment it may be necessary to change procedures or add procedures because of conditions discovered while working on the teeth that were not found during examination. I understand that there may be unforeseen changes that may occur during treatment. I understand that whenever possible, I will be informed of any treatment changes in advance. I give my permission to the Dentist to make any and/or all changes and additions as necessary.
3. Drugs and Medication
I understand that antibiotics analgesics and other medications can cause allergic reactions. The reactions can cause redness and swelling of tissues, pain, itching, vomiting, and/or anaphylactic shock.
4. Removal of Teeth
Alternatives for tooth removal have been explained to me (root canal therapy, crowns, and periodontal surgery) and I authorize the Dentist to remove the following teeth: and any others necessary for reasons in paragraph #2. I understand removing teeth does not always remove all the infection, if present, and it may be necessary to have further treatment. I understand the following risks involved in having teeth removed; there are pain, spread of infection, dry socket, swelling, fractured jaw, loss of feeling in my teeth, lips, tongue, and surrounding tissue that can last for an indefinite period of time. I understand I may need further treatment by a specialist, the cost of which is my responsibility.
5. Crowns and Brides
I understand that I may be wearing temporary crowns, and that I must be careful to ensure that they are not removed until the permanent crowns care delivered. I understand that sometimes it is not possible to match the color of my natural teeth with artificial teeth. I realize that last opportunity to make changes in my crown, cap, or bridge will be before permanent cementation. I must return to the dentist for permanent cementation within 20 days from tooth preparation. Extended delays between the time of tooth preparation and crown cementation may allow for tooth movement, accumulation of bacteria, and/or infection of tooth structure and the surrounding tissues. This may cause the necessity to remake the crown, cap, or bridge, and even could lead to tooth loss. I understand there will be additional charges for remakes due to my delaying permanent cementation.
6. Root Canals/Endodontic Treatment
I understand that there is no guarantee that root canal treatment will save my tooth, and that complications can occur from the treatment, and that sometimes root canal filling material may extend through the tooth which does not necessarily effect the success of the treatment. I understand that endodontic files and reamers can separate during use. I understand that occasionally additional surgical procedures may be necessary following root canal treatment.
7. Periodontal Loss
I understand that I have a condition that causes gum and bone inflammation or loss and that it can lead to the loss of my teeth. Alternative treatment plans have been explained to me, including gum surgery, replacements and/or extractions. I understand that undertaking any dental procedures may have future adverse effect on my periodontal condition.
8. Fillings
I understand that care must be exercised in chewing on fillings especially during the first 24 hours to avoid breakage. I understand that a more extensive filling than originally diagnosed may be required due to additional decay. I understand that significant sensitivity is a common after effect of a newly placed filling. If the sensitivity continues, I understand that a root canal may be needed, even though the tooth may not have hurt prior to the filling being done.
9. Dentures
I understand the wearing of dentures is difficult. Sore spots, altered speech, and difficulty in eating are common problems. Immediate denture (placement of denture immediately after extractions) may be painful. Immediate denture may require considerable adjusting and several relines. A permanent reline will be needed later. This is not included in the denture fee.
I understand that it is my responsibility to return for delivery of the dentures. I understand that failure to keep my delivery appointment may result in poorly fitted dentures. If a remake is required due to my delays of more than 30 days, there will be additional charges.

* I understand that there has been no guarantee or assurance made by anyone in regards to my dental treatment that I have authorized. I also acknowledge that I am responsible for payment of all my dental fees regardless of any dental insurance coverage. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in a broken appointment fee of $90 per hour that was reserved for you.

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