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Dental History
01. What is your chief dental complaint?
02. Date of your last dental appointment?
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03. Have you ever had any injury to your face or jaws? Yes No
04. Have you every had abnormal bleeding following dental extractions? Yes No
05. Do you have sensitive teeth? Yes No
06. Have you ever had dental surgery for a tumor, growth or other condition in your mouth or on your lips? Yes No
07. Does your jaw hurt or make noise when you chew or open wide? Yes No
08. Do you have pain in the area of your ears? Yes No
09. Do you smoke or use tobacco in any form? Yes No
10. Have you ever been treated for periodontal (gum) disease? Yes No
11. Do you clench or grind your teeth together? Yes No
12. Are you dissatisfied with the appearance of your teeth? Yes No
13. Do you use fluoride toothpaste? Yes No
14. Do you floss your teeth?
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15. How often do you brush your teeth?

Children only
01. Are your child's immunizations up to date?
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02. Name, age and sex of other children in the family:
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Name : Age : Sex : Male Female
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04. Is this your child's first dental visit? Yes No
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05. Does your child brush his/her teeth?
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06. Does your child use dental floss? Yes No
07. Does your child eat between meal snacks?
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Yes No
08. Does your child eat snacks high in sugar? Yes No
09. Has your child had fluoride in any of the following forms?
Drinking water Toothpaste with fluoride Topical (painted on teeth) Prescribed fluoride tablet or liquid
10. Does your child have any of the following habits?
Grinding teeth Lip sucking or biting Tongue thrusting Thumb or finger sucking
Nail biting Constant mouth breathing

Height : Weight : Date of Last Exam :
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01. Are you under the care of a physician? Yes No What is the condition(s) being treated?
02. Have you ever been a patient in a hospital? Yes No please explain :
03. a. Have you been prescribed medications in the past 6 months/are you taking any medications now? Yes No
Please list :
b. Do you take any alternative medications (supplements/herbs/vitamins)? Yes No
Please list :
04. Do you have or have you had any of the following diseases or problems?
Rheumatic Fever YesNo
Scarlet Fever YesNo
Heart Attack or Stroke YesNo
High blood pressure YesNo
Heart Murmur YesNo
Thyroid Disease YesNo
AIDS, AIDS Related Complex or HIV   YesNo
Kidney Disease YesNo
Asthma or Hay Fever YesNo
Venereal Disease (Herpes,Syphilis,Gonorrhea)  YesNo
Tuberculosis (T.B) YesNo
Seizures (Epilepsy, Fits, Convulsions) YesNo
Hepatitis, Yellow Jaundice YesNo
05. Have you been tested for an allergy to Mercury in your silver mercury fillings? Yes No
06. Is your immune system suppressed or compromised? Yes No
07. Have you ever had anemia, low blood or thin blood? Yes No
08. Have you ever taken medication to thin your blood? Yes No
09. Have you ever had a blood transfusion? Yes No
10. Do you bleed longer or bruise more easily than other people? Yes No
11. Do you have pain in your chest upon exertion? Yes No
12. Do you get short of breath when lying down, require more than one pillow or use a CPAP when sleeping? Yes No
13. Have you or any member of your family ever had diabetes? Yes No
14. Do you frequently get a dry mouth, become thirsty, or urinate more than six (6) times a day? Yes No
15. Do you have any allergies to food, medicine, etc.? Yes No
16. Have you been told not to take PENICILLIN or Novocain? Yes No
17. Have you ever been treated for, or taken medication for an emotional problem or for your nerves? Yes No
18. Have you ever had a stomach, duodenal, or peptic ulcer? Yes No
19. Have you ever had radiation (X-ray) treatment or chemotherapy for any disease? Yes No
20. Have you ever been given cortisone treatment? Yes No
Females Only :
Are you taking birth control pills? Yes No           Are you pregnant? Yes No          
If yes, when is your expected due date?

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