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Medical History
1. Has there been any change in your health in the past two years? Yes No
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4. Have you ever been hospitalized or had any serious illness? Yes No
5. Are you taking any medications or drugs including over the counter medications or oral contraceptives? Yes No
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7. Are you using any recreational drugs or tobacco? Yes No
8. Are you pregnant? Months Yes No
9. Are you nursing at present? Yes No
10. Heart disease, pacemaker, irregular heartbeat or endocarditis Yes No
11. Shortness of breath with limited activity or when lying down Yes No
12. Chest pain or angina or heart attack Yes No
13. Rheumatic fever or rheumatic heart disease Yes No
14. Heart murmur, mitral valve prolapse, or heart defect from birth Yes No
15. Stroke, numbness, or tingling sensations Yes No
16. High or low blood pressure Yes No
17. Fainting spells, convulsions or epilepsy Yes No
18. Nervous break down, emotional problems, anxiety or depressive disorder Yes No
19. Lung disease:T.B., asthma, emphysema Yes No
20. Liver disease: Hepatitis, cirrhosis... Yes No
22. Prolonged bleeding following injuries or surgery, transfusions Yes No
23. Thyroid , Diabetes Yes No
24. Any limitation of activities or Diet Yes No
25. Venereal disease (syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, warts, other) Yes No
26. Blood disorder (anemia, leukemia or other) Yes No
27. Cancer or cancer treatment (Radiation, Chemotherapy, Surgery) Yes No
28. Thrombophlebitis Yes No
29. Kidney disease, dialysis or transplant Yes No
30. AIDS or Immunosuppressive disorder Yes No
31. Ulcers, stomach or intestinal disease Yes No
32. An unusual reaction to any dental treatment? Yes No
33. Arthritis, Rheumatism, painful joints, osteoporosis Yes No
34. Artificial implants, hip or other Yes No
35. Any visual disorder (glaucoma or other) Yes No
36. Any hearing impairment Yes No
37. Novacaine, xylocaine, any anesthetics Yes No
38. Penicillin or other antibiotics Yes No
39. Aspirin, codeine, valium, barbiturates or other pain medications Yes No
40. Latex, other allergies, hayfever, hives Yes No
41. Anything that has not been asked?? Yes No
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